1965       7. Okt. Born in Kˇpavogur City nursery.

1980      12. April. Fyrst live appearance ever, with group Dordinglar (The Spiders). Supporting FrŠbbblarnir and Utangar­smenn.
              24. July. First gig of punkband F/8.

1981      22. May. Last gig of F/8.
              21. July. First gig of new wave group Ge­frˇ.

1982      21. April. Last gig of Beri-Beri (formerly known as Ge­frˇ)
              18. Nov. First gig of S.H.Draumur.

1983      Jan. Poetry book TÝu g÷t ß hausinn e­a blˇ­bolla? (Ten holes on the head or a cup of blood?) (Er­an˙or­)
              Autumn. Gramm releases cassette S.H.Draumur - Listir me­ orma (Art with worms) (Kramm 3). Lim ed of 13 copies.

1985      Autumn. S.H.Draumur - BensÝn SkrÝmsli­ skrÝ­ur (Gasoline Monster Crawls) 10" EP (Er­an˙m˙sik)

1986      19. May. S.H.Draumur supports Einsturzende Neubauten at Roxzř, Reykjavik.
              Winter. Bohemian life in Lyon, France.

1987      Spring. Return with novella me­ 20 ßrum of seinn Ý bݡ (20 years too late for a movie) (unreleased) og most of the songs for Go­.
              Autumn. S.H.Draumur - Drap mann me­ skˇflu (Killed a man with a shovel) 7" EP (Er­an˙m˙sik)

1988      January. S.H.Draumur - Go­ (God) LP (Er­an˙m˙sik)
              19. May. S.H.Draumur supports The Sugarcubes at Astoria, London.
              Summer. Begin the radio show "Baula" ("Booer") at Radio Rot.
              7. July. First gig as Dr.Gunni (me + a Dr. Rhythm drum machine) at Casablanca, Reykjavik.
              1. Oct. S.H.Draumur last gig, supporting Pere Ubu at Tunglid, Reykjavik.
              6. Oct. Play one gig with Ham (at Tunglid).
              Winter. S.H.Draumur - Bless 12" EP (Er­an˙m˙sik / Gramm)
              Winter. Short story collection Drullumall ("Shitmix") released.
              1. Dec. Bless' first gig at Radio Ras 2 5th anniversary.

1989      15-21. July. Bless helps Bad Taste's World Domination plan in New York with Ham, Reptile and poet Jˇn Gnarr.
              Summer. Do the radio show "Vi­ vi­ vi­tŠki­" ("We are besides the radio") at Radio Rot with Johann Eiriksson.
              Winter. Bless - Melting 12" EP (Smekkleysa).

1990      22. Oct - 27. Nov. Bless' N-America tour from Hell!
              29. Dec. Last gig of the original line-up of Bless (at Pulsinn).

1991      Jan. Bless - Gums LP (Smekkleysa). The album reaches Iceland four months after being released in the USA.
              Jan. Start to write about music for newspaper Ůjˇ­viljinn.
              23. May. First Bless (part 2) gig. At club Tveir vinir.
              Autumn. Bless - "Heimavistin HelvÝti" ("Dormatory from hell") appears on a compilation LP from Skifan.
              1Nov. Bless' last gig.
              Comic strip about Stulli appears in the Gisp! magazine

1992     Freelancing for weekly paper Helgarposturinn and cultural magazine "O".
             Spring. Dr. Gunni - Eins og fˇlk er flesk (Like people is meat) 7" EP (Bad Vugum, Oulu, Finland)
             11-17. July. Dr. Gunni does 6 gig in Finland with Keuhkot.
             Autumn. Radio show "Baula" starts again, now at Radio A­alst÷­in.
             Autumn. Short story "Merkilegt nokk" ("Indeed") appears in SSSol's magazine.
             Comic strip about Stulli and another about Lalli appears in the Gisp! magazine
             Nov. Participate in the Gisp! exhibiton at Kjarvalssta­ir, Reykjavik.

1993     Comic strip about Stulli appears in the Gisp! magazine
             30. April. S.H.Draumur final gig (again) for support of Allt heila klabbi­ ("Everything") (Er­an˙m˙sik)
             Summer. Dr. Gunni - Vessar 7" ("Body fluids") EP (Bad Vugum, Oulu, Finland)
             7-25. Sept. Dr. Gunni tours N-Europe with Sweetheart.
             Autumn. Dr. Gunni - Fuzz & Sway 7" EP (Vinyl Communication, CA, USA)

1994     Spring. Journalist for Pressan.
             17. June. Unun and R˙nar J˙l's song "Hann mun aldrei gleym'enni" ("He'll never forget her") released.
             17. June. Short program "═sland Ý ■rÝvÝdd" ("Iceland in 3D") broadcasted on the National TV.
             Dec. Unun - Š CD (Smekkleysa)

1995     11. jan. Unun plays "L÷g unga fˇlsins" ("Young thug's songs") at Hemmi Gunn┤s TV show.
             Summer. Unun with manager Unnsteinn playing summer balls for drunk teenagers on the country side.
             Summer. Two cover songs with Unun and Paul Oscar released on the compilation "H-spenna" ("H-voltage").
             Sept-Nov. Unun tours Europe.
             Autumn. Unun - Super Shiny Dreams CD (Š in english) (Smekkleysa)

1996     25. Jan. Unun plays Wembley, London.
             Unun almost world famous. More here.
             Summer. Six radio shows of "┌lpa" ("Parka") (with Oddnř Eir Ăvarsdˇttir) at Ras 2, National Radio.

1997     27. June. Unun plays Roskilde.
             Unun almost world famous. More here.
             September. Unun - Bones 4-song CD (Smekkleysa)
             Oktober. Children's album Dr. Gunni & Friends - Abbababb! CD (Smekkleysa). "Farting people" a bit hit.

1998     Spring. "The unrecognizable Gunni with Hair". Fun scetsch for "Kolkrabbinn" at National TV.
             "Vi­ vi­ vi­tŠki­". Radio program for Radio Bylgjan.
             2. July. Unun at Mydt Fin Festival, Danmark. Thor Eldon's last gig with the band.
             Winter. Unun - Ëtta ("Almost Morning") CD (Smekkleysa)

1999     Journalist at Fˇkus (DV)
             17. June. Unun's last gig (in Helsinki). We have toured Finland twice in 1999. More here.

2000     Spring. Weekly "News and fun program of Dr. Gunni and Mr. Mikael" at Radio Radio with Mikael Torfason
             Autumn. Pop Kings - The Master pop CD (Er­an˙m˙sik)
             6. Dec. "FerfŠtta borgin" ("Four-legged City"). Music for Gu­bergur Bergsson's fun opera. Performed once at I­nˇ.

2001     Spring. Dr. Gunni - Tu­rur ("Bags") (collection CD) (Er­an˙m˙sik)
             7. June. The first AlŠtan ("He who eats everything") at Ras 2, National Radio.
             Dec. Eru ekki allir Ý stu­i? Rokk ß ═slandi ß sÝ­ustu ÷ld. ("Are We having fun yet - Icelandic Rock music in the last century"). Book. (Forlagi­)

2002    Vor. Gemsar ("Mobiles") CD (soundtrack to Mikael Torfason's film) (Dennis/SkÝfan)
            5. July. First gig of Dr. Gunni (The band)
            Winter. Popppunktur I. Pop music quiz show at S1 TV.

2003    7. March. Talk radioshow ZOMBIE with Sigurjon Kjartansson commence at X-id 97.7 – then is moved to Skonrokk 90.9
            May. Get a driving license.
            Winter. Popppunktur II. Pop music quiz show at S1 TV.
            22. September: Fyrst child, son Dagbjartur Ëli Gunnarsson.
            Desember. Stˇri hvellur CD.

2004    Popppunktur III. Pop music quiz show at S1 TV.
            19. June. Fyrst Doktor doktor radio show on Skonrokk FM90.9
            November: Popppunktur - The boardgame released.

2005    1. feb. Journalist for DV (until july, then freelance)
            12. feb. Dr. Gunni Radio show at Talst÷­in (2 hours weekly)
            4. september: Popppunktur All stars - until 18. dec.
            23. okt - Dr. Gunni Radio show at Xfm. The radio show continues until the station is closed, end of 2006.

2006    Jan - May: Journalist for DV.
            Sept - Des: Journalist for Frettabladid.

2007    11. feb. Premier of the children's musical Abbababb! at the Hafnarfjordur theater. The Music from the musical released on CD by S÷gur.
            Feb: ╔g og heilinn minn in finals in Eurovision in Iceland.
            30. may: Second child, daughter ElÝsabet Lßra Gunnarsdˇttir.
            09. june - Skemmti■ßttur Dr. Gunna (Dr. Gunni's entertainment show) starts on Ras 2, National radio.
            15. june - Abbababb! gets the Griman, the Icelandic theater awards, for children's play of the year.
            Autumn - Winter: Three songs in Eurovision finals, including Hvar ertu n˙? with Dr. Spock.
            09. nov.: Children's book Abbababb! is released.

2008    01.01: Journalist for FrÚttabla­i­
            27.01: A­ gefnu tilefni EP released.
            23.02: Hvar ertu n˙? written with Dr. Spock number 3 in the Icelandic Eurovision contest.
            Feb - mars: SnŠlda, 4 radio programs about Cassette only releases in Iceland (on Rßs 2).
            15.05 - OkursÝ­an (consumers aweness blog) gets the consumer's prize from the Ministry of Commerce.

2009    10.04: Solo album Dr. Gunni inniheldur... released
            Summer: Popppunktur 2009 fifth tv serie of the pop quiz show, now on R┌V, national TV.
            August: Top 10 ReykjavÝk & Iceland (tourist book published by S÷gur) released.
            Autumn: Abbababb! put on stage by Nesskˇli in Neskaupssta­ur.

2010    29.05: Elected spare councilman for the Best party in ReykjavÝk.
            Summer: Popppunktur 2010 sixth tv serie of the pop quiz show, still on R┌V, national TV.
            Oct: S. H. Draumur - GOđ+ anthology released. Three comeback gigs also.
            Nov: Enn meiri Popppunktur - The 2nd boardgame released.

2011    Record reviews for FrÚttatÝminn, some journalism for ReykjavÝk Grapevine   
            Popppunktur 2011 seventh tv serie of the pop quiz show, still on R┌V, national TV.